Meet Up

Friends of Tampa KTC:

We’re excited to announce some of our upcoming events for fall. We are planning retreats and teachings, and are expanding our opportunities for mindfulness meditation. Stay tuned for more information on the events below, as we are working now to set the details:

– In September, we will be hosting Lama Yeshe from the Hay River KTC, for a series of teachings on the value of mediation in daily life. We are planning an evening “Coffee with a Lama” event at a local coffee house, as a relaxed conversation about mindfulness. We are also planning a daylong teaching on meditation from Lama Yeshe, with opportunities to attend morning or afternoon sessions.

– Also in September, we will begin hosting Mindfulness Meditation sessions at local Tampa Library branches. These will include basic instruction in meditation, and opportunities for practice.

– In October, we will continue with our practice of meditation and Chenrezig sadhana. We will be adding an extra date, and are changing our format to include a longer session of mindfulness meditation, both sitting and walking, followed by sadhana practice. We will continue our “Meet and Eat” event prior to practice, and people can come for either or both of the meditation and sadhana practice sessions, as they wish.

– In November, we are planning to bring Lama Losang from the Gainesville KTC, for a weekend teaching and retreat. We look forward to providing more details as soon as they come available.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and email updates for further information on these and other upcoming events. We wish you all many blessings in the Dharma